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Flourish Carolina believes in the power of parents’ intuition and family involvement in the care plan. If you have tried therapy and hit dead ends, feel frustrated about your child’s feeding, sleep, and behavior, and your gut tells you something isn’t right, my job is to set your child up on a path so they can nourish to FLOURISH.

What is OT and Why See Bri?

Occupational therapists are providers with extensive training geared toward helping people participate in everyday activities. For children, those activities include eating, playing, and sleeping. Bri is highly trained in the developmental assessment and treatment. She is qualified to look at the body holistically to identify areas of dysfunction to provide solutions in a meaningful and supportive environment.


Bri is trained to provide manual therapy. This approach teaches babies how to use their mouth muscles effectively for feeding and breathing. These are necessary skills for later development into crawling, walking and writing. She can teach toddlers healthy bowel and bladder habits, squash picky eating traits, identify problematic sleep habits, and build strategies to regulate emotions and behaviors. Did you know those all can be tied together?





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Sleep &

• Difficulty with breast or bottle feeding
• Lip and tongue ties
• Diagnosed with reflux or colic
• Poor sleep
• Body tightness

• Head shape concerns
• Poor tolerance to tummy time

• Difficulty with solids
• Picky or selective eating
• Gagging or vomiting
• Food refusal
• Mealtime stress
• Guidance for solids and drinking

• Delays with rolling and sitting
• Frequent meltdowns, frustration or aggressive
• Emotionally dysregulated
• Difficulty with peer relationships
• Struggling with play skills
• Delayed coordination and balance

• Difficulty falling or staying asleep
• Snoring or restless sleep
• Night-time bed wetting
• Delayed potty training
• Withholding, constipation or irregular bowel movements
• Daytime fatigue, behavioral challenges, inattention

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